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She Shoots, She Scores!

In 2019, I began a Facebook group called "Pretty Crafts and Ideas by Kiera". It was inspired by a message I had received that encouraged me to start a paid group. I gained exposure on social media by posting my creations in different groups. Many people asked me how they could learn or ask questions, so I decided to create the group.


I started charging a fee of $25 to learn about different creative topics, ranging from party favors to Cricut cutting machines. My creativity has grown since then and I've raised my membership fee to $40. As I began finding my niche, I started offering more but scaling back to one primary subject. I wanted to cover a broad overview of the things I've created for my business to help others.


In 2020, I have decided to stop releasing new content to the group due to members with malicious intent. I transition to a platform called teachable. This would allow members who want to be here for the right reasons, to learn and grow their business. My members have gone through changes. Some left the group, but my heart remained the same. I continued to teach and create, which is my ultimate passion. I allowed my previous group members a lifetime of the 51 content on Facebook while transferring new content to teachable.


After I released my new, refined course, I experienced significant online course revenue growth. Starting with a small following and no email list, I grew my online course to six figures in a year. Now, I will show you how you can do the same and reach your goals faster than you ever imagined.

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